What is Functional Training?

Functional Training is a style of resistance training that targets the functional movements your body needs for everyday life or specific sporting requirements. It involves a targeted workout where our Physios design a tailored program based on an assessment of your fitness level, your previous injuries and your goals. We see a lot of people who have tried the gym but are unsure of how to use the equipment and are concerned about injuring themselves. Our supervised group sessions resolve this common issue to ensure you are moving in a safe manner with correct technique to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Why could Functional Training be a better option for me than gym-based exercise?

  • Purposeful whole-body exercises with a focus on movement quality rather than Gym-based individual muscle group focused exercises
  • Relies on one’s own stability (minimises the use seats and benches) rather than Gym-based stability which is often from external supports (excessive use of seats and benches)
  • Mimics activities of daily living rather than Gym-based which rarely mimics everyday or sporting activities
  • Multi-plane movements involving trunk rotation and limbs crossing midline rather than Gym-based movements are typically in one plane
  • Enriches balance and proprioception rather than Gym-based which rarely focuses on improving balance and functional awareness
  • Whole-body exercises encourage coordination and concentration rather than Gym-based isolated movements requiring minimal coordination and concentration

What will group sessions involve?

Our small group sessions of six people are supervised by a Physiotherapist and run for 50 minutes. As you improve, your program will be progressed to keep the sessions challenging and targeted towards your needs.

What are my payment options?

All Functional Training sessions are claimable through your Private Health Insurance if you have Physio extras cover. Group session packages are available to pre-purchase.

What do I wear to Functional Training?

Wear something that is comfortable and easy to move in. Remember to bring along a towel and drink bottle.

How do I get started with Functional Training?

Step 1: Book in for your Functional Training Fundamentals sessions (40 minutes)

Step 2: Complete a 40 minute one-on one Functional Training session with your Physio

Step 3: Complete a 20 minute one-on one Functional Training session with your Physio

Step 4: Join into a group session!


We have many Functional Training sessions per week to accommodate our client’s busy schedules.
See our Functional Training timetable HERE.